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Album Review of Taking FlightRoots Music Report
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"The 16 songs on Amelia Hogan’s Taking Flight cover a lot of ground from traditional Irish, Scottish, British and American to contemporary folk music. Her charmingly modest vocals and lilting, plainspoken lyrics are key ingredients in a most successful recipe for powerful Celtic-infused songs of profoundly earthy and warm-hearted sentiments. "-Joe Ross
Amelia HoganFATEA
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"The pure enchantment of Amelia's vocal lyricism is complemented by her well-developed sense of purpose and direction, the hallmark of a true storyteller in song. For instance, she has a most fetching way with The King Of Ballyhooley, where her accompanying musicians provide the ideal foil for her delicate, tripping enunciation. Indeed, the instrumental backings throughout the album are brilliantly judged, finely textured and deftly scored, gentle yet abundantly characterful."-David Kidman
Taking Flight ReviewIrish Music Magazine
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"Amelia Hogan’s Taking Flight is a thoughtful, buoyant and distinctive album of traditional songs with talented guest musicians Richard Mandel, Ray Frank, co-producer, Maureen Brennan, David Brewer, Rebecca Richman, Christa Burch and Marla Fibish, who all weave their way, often sparingly but tastefully accompanying her delightful singing. Well versed in the sean-nós style, with vocal versatility, she had made a beautiful version of The Lark in the Clear Air"-Anne Marie Kennedy
Folk Country March 2023CD HotList
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"The program is mostly traditional songs from the British Isles, with a few modern songs sprinkled in, and her accompanists are brilliant. This is the most compelling album of Irish music I’ve heard in years, and I can’t recommend it highly enough....."This is the most compelling album of Irish music I’ve heard in years, and I can’t recommend it highly enough" " - Rick Anderson
KBCS SeattleStage 4
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" The clarity of her voice mesmerizes! Great words, heart—impressive!" AuntMama - Stage 4 (Maryanne Moorman) KBCS Seattle
KPFK Roots Music and BeyondArt Podell,
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"Thoroughly enjoyable. It reminded me of an album made by Jean Redpath back in the sixties titled 'First Flight'. I played guitar for Jean on tracks 2,6,10,11,13, and 18 of 'First Flight'. Actually, First Flight is a compilation. The original album was titled 'Love, Lilt, and Laughter' (Elektra Records). Jean and I recorded the tracks at the engineer's (Mark Abramson's) apartment in West Hollywood. I still remember the evenings we spent recording. (Amelia's) sic album took me back there.-Art Podell, KPFK Roots Music and Beyond
AmeriCelticTony Becker
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"The album is produced to the highest technical standards, and because I personally am a fan of all of these artists, it is difficult (and risky) to pick just one or two tracks as ‘favorites’. Suffice to say, if you have been a fan of any of these all-star performers, you should give this album a listen, assured that you will be pleased with it. If you have not been a fan of any of them, (where have you been!), here is your opportunity to reveal to your ears over an hour of the impressive level of performance those of us who live in Northern California have enjoyed for decades, and meet (aurally) seven of our very best."
RamblesJerry Clark
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"Hogan knows a good song when she hears it, whether it's been around for a while or only pretends it's been. You could say the same of Hogan, I suppose -- rockist critics habitually dismiss folk singers on those grounds (that's where the derisive term "folkies" comes from) -- but even as she rummages in other centuries, there is more lived life here than you'll find in a thousand rock or pop recordings. Hogan is a master, and Taking Flight is a masterpiece."
Darren's Music BlogDarren Johnson
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"Some well-chosen songs from a diverse range of sources and Hogan’s distinctive vocal style along with some beautiful musical accompaniment and a fine cast of supporting musicians all serve to make Taking Flight an extremely cohesive album, and a deeply immersive experience for the listener. Highly recommended."
Sean SmithBoston Irish Magazone
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While Hogan certainly has a grasp of theatricality, she employs it wisely and not overly much, eschewing (thankfully) the fake-accent approach for the non-American material. There’s a snap and crack to her delivery in approximation of a Scottish burr on the centuries-old ballad “Twa Corbies” (set to a Breton tune which title translates as “The Swan”), and you can practically see the smile on her face as she relates the comically intricate verses in the true-romance memoir “The King of Ballyhooley” .
Enchanting and TimelessWorld Music Central
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American vocalist Amelia Hogan performs beautiful traditional folk music from Ireland, Scotland, Britain, United States, and contemporary styles as well. On her album “Taking Flight,” Hogan uses her admirable vocal skill to deliver captivating storytelling.