Amelia Is A Verb


Picture of AmeliaAmelia Hogan sings traditional Irish, Scottish, British American, and Contemporary folk music with lilting graces and a subtle power. You’ll be transported to where the beansidhe cries and lovers embrace.  Haunting melodies, stirring passion, and rich and playful storytelling is what she brings. Slàinte!


Amelia began singing before she could walk. Her first performances started by the age of 10 and she’s sung in the Irish music tradition of Sean-Nos, or Old Style. Often in Irish, but not always, a lyrical and highly expressive and arhythmic unaccompanied free-form and sparse style traditionally to intimate audiences.


Picture of AmeliaAmelia is currently recording a project called Taking Flight, with Steve O’Neill of Foxtail Sound with Ray Frank, Richard Mandel and others with an expected release date of Spring 2022. Previous projects include: Sheltering Sky; Keeping Watch Upon the Stars, and Long Nights Journey. Her third and solo-directed album Transplants; From the Old World to the New, a collaborative effort working with guitar and vocal talent Ray Frank at El Mundo Bueno Studios, and Falling You’s album, Blush, released  2013. She’s shared stages with Molly’s Revenge as lead vocalist for their sensational Winterdance holiday tour, and can be found collaborating with Ray Frank, Julie Henigan, Niamh Parsons, Shay Black, Cullan’s Hounds, the SFFMC, The Irish Club of Alaska, An Goilin Singer’s Club, and the United Irish Cultural Center in San Francisco, CA, the National Park Service’ Maritime History Museum, Sheltering Sky, co-hosted sessions all over the world, and enchanted audiences from Oregon to New York, Ireland to San Francisco and back again. Amelia Hogan is a mixed media artist. Singer, Painter, and more and hosts: a podcast called MixedMedia_Talks, https://www.buzzsprout.com/1908543
(embedded player for episodes below), which can be found on most podcasting platforms including, Buzzsprout, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Spreaker, Deezer, and more, where I talk about all things art, with other artists including musicians, painters, poets, clowns, storytellers, a mortician, Directors/ Producers, photographers, dancers, animators, and more. Episodes are released every couple of weeks. beginning January 2022.

Please visit social media pages for online offerings throughout the pandemic.